Amagi Shigure

Amagi Shigure

We will start this library of varieties with Japanese maple Amagi Shigure. A absolutely beautiful maple and still rare in culture. It is remarkable for its fabulous colors from spring to autumn.

This variety has been obtained by Mr. Hamano in Japan in 1987.


In spring , it is adorned with bright pink foliage with brown veins and foliage turns into a coppery orange until mid summer. In autumn it takes crimson shades orange-red very bright.

This rare tree is absolutely beautiful all year long, its slightly yellow bark makes it just as attractive when it has lost its foliage at the coming of winter.

Acer Amoenum Amagi Shigure © Guy Maillot 2019

Amagi Shigure in your garden

This tree with slow growing habits can reach a height of 10 feet after more than 10 years and a wingspan of 5feet approximately. Therefore, it is an undeniable interest for small gardens or terraces.

The reticulated shape of these brown leaves accentuated by phenomenal pink-orange-red colors make this tree a perfect focal point in the garden.

In addition, one of the other extraordinary characteristics of this maple tree is that it tolerates the sun rather well. However, it must always be kept in mind that with the maples, a drained soil and protected location of the wind will bloom your tree.

Therefore it is a pleasure to introduce you to the Acer Amoenum Amagi Shigure that I particularly like;
for all the reasons mentioned but also by the fact that it is a rare tree makes it even more attractive. Believe me once planted in the garden it can make all the difference.

In conclusion, you’ll just have to be patient enough so this tree reveals you all its splendor.

Acer Amoenum Amagi Shigure © Guy Maillot 2019

Mehdi Benaïssa

Technical Sheet of Amagi Shigure

Species:Acer Amoenum
Variety:Amagi Shigure
Leaves Shape:Palm
Spring: Pink
Summer: Orange copper
Autumn: Orange-Red
Adult Size:Less than 7 feet
Adult Width:3 - 4 feet
Zone:USDA 5
Type of Soil: Neutral, Acid
Exposition:Partial Shade
Full Sun

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