In search of the most beautiful Japanese Maple

The only documentary series on Japanese Maple.

Produced by Helvetikart.
(Switzerland – France)

English and french subtitles availables. Please activate them in the youtube video.

Welcome into the magical and enchanting world of Japanese Maples

Japanese Maple… At the simple evocation of this tree, we all imagine magnificent colors, forms of delicate and graphic foliage, Japanese zen gardens, poetry and an undeniable refinement.

Through this documentary, we wish to bring you on a journey of discovery of Maples in Europe, in the United States and for sure in Japan.

You will know ALL about the Japanese Maple for your Garden… and much more!

Through the episodes you will learn more about this Japanese sacred tree. How to take care of it: plant it in your regions, cut it, sculpt it, reproduce it. How to incorporate it into a Japanese garden, an artistic garden or even a classic garden. Keep it in a pot on a balcony or work it into a bonsai. We will cover all the topics to answer your questions on how to take care of a Maple Tree.

This documentary is designed for amateurs and knowledgeable gardeners, professionals, collectors, and through a sublime aesthetic to all nature and wanderlust lovers.

Rare trees and exceptional gardens in three main axes:

Specifically, this series will address three main areas:
– Scientific and technical where we will cover species and varieties, their crops and all their specificities;
– Philosophical and spiritual with regard to environment and the philosophy of gardens;
– Artistic through the creation and development of Zen gardens and an inspirational travel to Japan, Europe and the United States.

Finally, we will investigate around the world to find the most beautiful Japanese Maple!

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream has been poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”

Tatanka Yotanka – Sitting Bull, Sioux Warrior

Japanese Maple - Deshojo - Helvetikart 2019 © Mehdi Benaïssa
Japanese Maple – Deshojo Helvetikart 2019 © Mehdi Benaïssa

February 24, 2019