Japanese Gardeners winter garden

Back to Guy’s nursery for two days of filming on February 15th and 16th! The garden is very different in winter, we discovered it differently! No leaves on the trees, which allows to see even better forms of trunks and branches. As much melancholy as graphic and Japanese gardeners in the winter garden are at work; weeding, pruning, planting and always with the same finesse.

We are also delighted to have met Ryo and Taku, two Japanese gardeners working with Guy Maillot for a month. We had the chance to interview them about their work, in Japanese of course, and look forward to sharing this with you! 🙂

To give you a little appetizer, here are some questions we asked:

  • Why is maple in the center of the Japanese garden?
  • We are talking about Sakura to celebrate the beginning of spring, how is the maple tree celebrated in Japan?
  • What is your feeling of coming to share your knowledge in Europe or in the world as Japanese gardeners ?
  • What is the relationship to nature in Japan?
  • Winter garden, seasons in the garden

Lucie Poirier

Helvetikart 2019 © Mehdi Benaïssa

“It’s winter, the trees are made of wood.”

Jules Renard

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